NHS Referrals

Your GP can refer you either with a letter directly to Mr Allenby-Smith at Poole Hospital and Wimborne Hospital or through the ‘Choose and Book’ system.
Consultations occur in clinic at Poole and Wimborne Hospitals.

Patients with Health Insurance

Appointments can be made directly with Mr Allenby-Smith’s secretary on the number below. Although not essential, a letter from your GP can help to provide information prior to your consultation.

Mr Allenby-Smith’s fee is set according to the scales produced by the major insurance companies on all of whose lists Mr Allenby-Smith is registered. Mr Allenby-Smith is a recognised Provider by all the leading insurers and will charge reasonable rates which, with very few exceptions, are accepted by the Insurer.

Fixed Price Treatment

If you would like to fund your own care then please contact Mr Allenby-Smith’s secretary on the number above. The cost of an initial consultation is £250 and a follow-up appointment is £150. If you have surgery then the Hospital will prepare a quote for you that will include hospital stay, meals and medication, theatre time, surgeon and anaesthetist fees and the follow up appointment.


All work is indemnified by the MDDUS.

Mr Allenby-Smith works at Poole Hospital, Wimborne Hospital and the Harbour Hospital. Contact details are:


Kim Bryant:

BMI The Harbour Hospital

Tel 07771 778935

St Marys Road,

Poole, BH15 2BH

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